Our Purpose


counts when you're capturing that special moment - from your daughter's or son’s graduation to the birth of your first child to that game-winning touchdown pass. The mobile camera has become the saving grace for people around the world on a DAILY basis, if not by the minute. From political uprisings in Iran and Hong Kong to the recorded documentation of tragic events like #AhmaudArbery and #GeorgeFloyd, the mobile camera is undoubtedly the most important tool we have in our possession to hold others accountable, especially those in power.


is THE GAME CHANGER. We truly believe this. Innovation behind the mobile camera is the next game changer. Learning about the problems we can solve with this powerful tool is the next frontier. Think about that. Tracking and tracing, integration of machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, sentiment analysis, scentography, camera homepages (mobile app development), holograms - the potential is ENDLESS … and we’re just getting started. What better way to kick off then to REINVENT the ever famous shutter button - the most important and most used feature on your smartphone, the method to record a video or photo that is essential to every single camera in the world.

Now, think of the things we'll REINVENT next.

With Haptic Zones Technology and CAMAPP, we are dedicated to exploring new frontiers and providing you with the newest and most innovative camera solutions. Haptic Zones Technology is the camera research and development wing of the organization. CAMAPP is where we put into action our new mobile camera innovation solutions. Reinventing the camera experience and ensuring the availability of this required resource is the most important focus we have. Our goal is to innovate new camera technologies, features, designs, and functionalities to bring you technology solutions that will not just be fun for you and your family but guarantee the enhancement of your livelihood. It’s about solving problems with visual solutions.